Help Me Help You!

I have a wonderful mother, whom I love dearly. She’s beautiful, intelligent, witty, charming and now she cunning and as crafty as a fox.
Mom is 81 years young and refuses to leave her money pit of a house. Oh, it’s a beautiful home, four bedrooms, two full baths, a finished basement, Florida room…BUT! it’s a money pit and she can’t afford to live in it any longer. Does anyone else have a relative who refuses to let go of their past to be free in the future?
It’s funny how when our parents advance in years they look to us, their children now grown and with many issues of their own as if we are their validators…
I love Moms, but she won’t let me help her the way that would best benefit her.
She thinks she’s losing her freedoms or that I am trying to take them away from her. Hello! I’m trying to keep Miss Daisy from having those frredoms taken away from her, she fights me on every level.
For example, Moms likes to drive…however doing 50mph in a 30 is not my idea of being responsible. On top of that she’s a nervous driver, jerking the wheel from one side to the other, scaring the bee-jeebers out of anyone near her. Of course I keep an attorney on retainer just in case I got to get Miss Daisy out of jail.
Too add further she’s become the consumate liar; the woman will say anything to appease me, that’s when she’s flat on her back, but as soon as she gets a little strength she’s back at it again.
All I’m saying is stop being the problem and become the solution to your self. Help me help you…
The main thing is I love my mom, but she’s driving me crazy…I guess that’s what Miss Daisy’s do.

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