Idoits Running Amuk in Detroit City Council

Well what can I say…it’s a shame that people who have such hatred and malice seething inside are actually appointed, yes elected officials. When will Detroitors wake up?
Honestly, it’s not the younger people who are voting these people into office, it’s the elderly of the city who vote based on name recognition and yet complain when the very nimrods they put in office embarass them.
People! Wake up! Know you candidates, what they stand for, where they have worked, where they were or are educated at. Know them because these are the people who make decision supposedely on your behalf.
I wish I could get my mother to move, but ohhh nooo! She’s determined to stay in the D. I wish I could have that kind of heart to stick it out, but it costs too much.
Spiritually, emotionally and physically and financially. Wake up People, if you vote the way you’ve done in the past you will get the same results. Put these old, dusty and stuck on stupid people out to pasture and get some fresh, young blood in there. It has to get better, at least we pray it does.

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