At what point does the American public truly take up unity in voice and demand those elected officials do the job they were hired to do?

Personally, I find it amazing how those elected dictate to the masses what they think is good for the rest of us.  Let’s take healthcare for example; does the working class, middle class, poor of this nation know that those elected receive lifetime health benefits?  Does the electorate know that those elected vote themselves raises on our dime?  What other country allows this madness?

Why can’t we get the bums out?!

Any thought given to the mindless psychological  games played on the electorate by mainstream media and the “right”?  Come on people! Mainstream media puts out there what “they” want us to hear, and those that do bring out the truth are bad mouthed and maligned in the press/media.

This has to stop…We as a people supposedly have to step up for ourselves and make NOISE!

Get the facts, evaluate the truth  and take action.  Talking about taking our country back, yeah! Lets take it back from the idiots who want to dictate righteousness and not practice it first for themselves.

I’m just saying!

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