Why Are They Still There?!

I consider myself to be a rationale person, an educated, well-rounded intellectual and a hard working tax paying American, so believing I have these values well instilled in myself, I wonder, how is it the railing idiots in Congress are still there?

I vote, other people vote, but the idiots are still in Congress… WHY?!  Better still why?

Are we as a nation of people so blind by our prejudices that we can not find someone with an ounce of sense to run this country as we have voted them to do?

Bozo the Clown (the speaker) and his crew are running this nation  in the ground because of racial bias, what else can it possibly be?

If we would only take some time to review some of the policies President Obama has proposed, we would have to acknowledge that many were Republican ideas.  Now, based on no other reason other than President Obama wants to enact them, they the Republican House are opposed.

The Healthcare Act, aka Obamacare was originally Romneycare and by the way its still working in Massachhuetts.  So why is it a bad idea for the country, only because our current President wanted to enact it.

The jobs bill, where the hell did that go?  Are the people voted into office so self-serving they can not rationalize that the infastructure of the entire nation is falling apart and if they were to in act this bill there would be thousands of jobs…

I need some help in understanding why those who are with shame obstructionists,, plain and simple.

In addition to that is the greater shame that we the people the Speaker refers to us, can not even get a full days work out of these folk.  If the average Joe six-pack was to goof off work as the Congress and Senate does we would all be on the streets.

My final thoughts on this mess, make them all take the “hair cut”…  No workee, no payee and cut their salaries about 20%; hell they are all millionaires anyway, they’d never miss a dime.  Put that money back into the economy, see where that puts us!

Food for thought, 


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