News, News, Nothing but the News!

As I sit sipping my morning Joe and listen to the “news” I find myself again perplexed about what is reported.  Long ago I wrote a paper in college on this very subject, I am pleased to say my professor was  extremely happy to read something of value; that’s how he put it.

My quest for understanding has been cultivated by my family of writers, theologians and teachers.  When you live with a group like this you have to know what you are talking about because they would “fact-check” your responses, literally.  In addition to that I was a History major in college and I am sincerely a “news junkie” however now not so much today.

Television was in its embryonic stages when I was born therefore I had the opportunity to grow up with television news.  The news casts in those days were live and many famous and revered names graced the anchor desk; Walter Cronkite, Chet Brinkley, Dave Garroway and Edward R. Murrow to name a few.  When these men reported the news there was a sense of truth to what they were saying, when the words “Bulletin” appeared on the screen you were confident something of urgency was happening.  You would be hard pressed to say the same today…

I am sure we all have our opinions about today’s news casts and perhaps a majority could agree there is an element of over-kill when it comes to reporting the trash that is piped into our homes.  We only hear what is allowed to be told, stories that are of paramount importance to our daily lives, for the most part omitted.  Alternate methods of news gathering has taken off and thankfully so because otherwise we “the people” of these United States would be clueless about those that are manipulating our daily lives.  Yes, I am advocating for those who risk their personal welfare to say what is actually happening within our government.  All one has to do is watch and listen and you will know something is wrong with news reporting.

Questions I would present are; why hasn’t the Bilderberg’s meeting been reported on?  That would be something I would like to know about as they set policy globally and it affects us all, or why don’t we hear about the “Federal Reserve” and how they are not a part of our Federal government and is a private entity printing money?  Equally important why aren’t we hearing about Boehner and Congress’ still not voting on a jobs bill?  That’s something we should all know about and to what extent they (the bankers) own us, or what about the re-writing of history for books provided to children to learn about.

What we do hear are new ways to cook a hamburger or not… then of course there are the weather forecasters who are so very much into their radar and satellites that they will literally report on weather conditions for hours on end.  If there was a tornado coming I would not be watching the television to see the depths and heights of the clouds before I took cover.

There is no logic to the madness of reporting today, they will also ask the most outrageous of questions.  Case in point; locally there was an incident where someone lost their life.  The reporter gained access to the family and asked that every wrenching question, “how do you feel”?  seriously?!  Or how about this one? Law enforcement reports on an incident and state emphatically they have no information at this time, however when able to share they will; isn’t there at least two reporters who will attempt to force an answer to a non-question?  It’s as if they aren’t even listing.  Ok, last example how many ways can a report be given on a non changing story?  The airliner MH370 what a tragedy, but after a week I was a little tired of the speculations and the continued assumptions, no facts had changed the plane was and is still missing…  I think CNN lost all respectability at least for me.

Essentially what I am seeking is “truth” in reporting.  Do not give me your personal opinion I have my own when given the facts… besides there are shows for that too.  I need to know what is going to make my life better and those around me.  How to manage the maze of idiots running for public office that would be helpful if I could get the truth on them, not who they slept with.  Trust me, I could not care any less.  That information does nothing for my bottom line.  Tell me what my elected officials are doing in my town to make it better.  Tell me the truth or don’t tell me anything.

It’s about the news people!  Real honest to goodness truth that is if they remember what that is.


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