Not Etched In Stone

I’ve been told programming the mind starts at birth if not at that moment surely programming begins not too soon afterward.

We come into this world as a blank slate subconsciously and then the programming begins… The words we hear yet do not comprehend start to permeate our subconscious minds our clean slate and  are taught to hate, to fear or not, even to love… and it becomes a conscious act of reality.

Everywhere we look someone elses’ reality is before us and  (the collective) we are told to accept those images, ideas as truth/reality and that should not be.  We (individuality) hold a measure of truth in each of us and mandated to conform to a worldview is not right, is not truth.

School for example is the number one place of indoctrination that stops the creative flow of children off the bat.  That free flow of spirit/imagination is stifled and even punished and so we learn what not to do.  Mental blocks are erected and set fast to avoid the displeasure of the teacher.  Unfortunately, these lessons more often than not  are carried into adulthood and stigmas follow us the rest of our days.

So we seek an escape for example video games, drugs, television yes many of us become coach potatoes…

In watching television this is profoundly evident the shows programmed for us to watch, i.e. “reality” shows, talent shows, game shows even the other forms of entertainment, i.e. drama and comedy are cookie cutter and someone else’s idea of what the collective we should watch.  These shows are not worth the time of day in my opinion.  I say “wakey, wakey” stop watching the garbage.

Take a moment to really see what is being fed to us, police dramas, negative influences, the reality shows dispite the negative side of human emotions, people are plotting against each other, who can back stab the other the most shrewd way… the game shows are predictable and not to mention the entertainment shows.

One example I think of often is “So You Think You Can Dance”, what part of dancing is actually being performed?  Now I do realize that dance is an expression of form and is ever evolving, nevertheless acrobatics or gymnastics is not dance.  I took tap and point many decades ago, I remember what was taught as dance and this is not what I am seeing.  Oh! Fear not, since I do not appreciate this form of dance I do not watch it any longer.  Yep!  I turned the channel as I should since its not my personal cup of tea.

What I am trying to say is what we see should not be considered etched in stone, there are creative minds who do produce what would otherwise be considered boring, great programming.  Great television is not limited to police shows, game shows, cooking shows and the standard non thinking drone like material that is streamed into our environment.

Allow for the true self to evolve, turn off the media as it never tells the whole truth.  Allow for one’s imagination to flow and be free of restrictions again.  Let us not be conformed to this worldview but fight to stay free and allow the spirit to breathe into us life and that life more abundantly.

Provide our children the opportunity to use their imaginations again.  Give a child a big old cardboard and see what their imaginations will come up with.  They will learn  creativity and learn to communicate verbally with others genuine interactions that will serve them the rest of their lives. We could all use some time to connect with our imaginations again.

Life is not etched in stone… LIVE!






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