Wakey, wakey!

While watching the “talking heads” on the biased political shows discuss what is wrong with the country and who is to blame I have concluded there is a better way to resolve this maddness. Listening to the pundits expound on their beliefs as dictated by their political affilation, no one earnestly offers any legitimate answers to the ills we face, they just go around and around spinning the narrative in accordance with their political slant; and to think this is where we receive our information to make decisions regarding who is thought best to lead this country.

I may be mistaken however I recall while being indoctrinated into this society’s brain drain that “we the people” had the right to vote and in doing so would have legitimate representation of the highest order working on what the people’s interest were or are.  Because of the depth of perversion at the highest levels of our governing bodies, that lofty thought is long passed.  The indoctrination process is well on its way, our national educational processes are a mess, text books being re-written to fulfill the lies of a particular group of people.  Lies told outrightly to keep some ignorant of their ancestral contributions, and so it goes…

Saying all of this to simply say, we the people are not represented in the legislative, judicary or executive levels of government whether that is local or national.  My question, at what point do “we the people” rise up and make the changes necessary to free us from the tyranny of the now?

As a nation of collective beings we celebrate the Fourth of July as a day of freedom, I beg to differ we are not a free nation, we are not a free people. It is my opinion “we the people” of this United States of America have been manipulated into a state of fear, poverty and intimidation. The working class has, again in my opinion, have been separated into sub-groups to be further manipulated, further segrated and even abused.

Yes, I realize this writing may sound sad and even a bit depressing but it is my prayer that those who read this will hear a voice crying out to open our collective eyes and ears and earnestly seek to join with those whose eyes and ears have been opened to the discord we all are facing and want to work together to resolve our problem.

Some might say if only we could get good people into office we could stop this maddness, while this statement is an earnest hope there is more to this than just good people.  There musst be a way to get the money (the elite) out of our governing processes.  Greed is the enemy and those who covet it and the false sense of power it holds.

We must fight our fight from our neighborhoods, communities, townships, cities and states.  We must find common ground and there is plenty of common ground to stand together on.  If I could suggest anything it would be to keep the message simple.  Turn down the “big money” for politicians and only those who can run on their individual merit, professionalism and integrity get the opportunity to be voted for.

Since it seems that “money” is the ruler then we the people need to make our money work for us. We have a right to be able to sustain ourselves by working with our own hands and minds creating the best world for our families.  We the working class are the ones who make this wheel go around and around and in keeping with that thought, we would do well to begin to make our own clothes again, truly make the vehicles here in the USA not parts from all over the globe but right here in USA, grow our foods without the oversight of the government and Monsanto dictating what can and can not be grown.  We the people need to take our nation back, remembering this is a nation of immigrants and laws.  

I am sure the question of globalism will arise, but we can not be global when we can not take care of our own.  “God Bless the Child” is a song written by Billie Holiday and Arthur Herzog, Jr. in 1939. It was first recorded (Wikipedia.com) on May 9, 1941 under the Okeh label. http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=God_Bless_the_Child_(Billie_Holiday_song)&action=history

It’s worth listening to.

You can not be separte and equal, we must come together as Americans, the proud and the brave.  Deal earnestly with our differences and in that same earnest spirit get the bums out of our governing bodies.


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