Eyes Wide Shut!

This treatise has nothing at all to do with the movie, “Eyes Wide Shut” with Tom Cruise, this discussion has to do with how we, as a people, are so very much indoctrinated that many if not most refuse to have any other thoughts.  I would challenge anyone to take a personal survey amongst friends, family and perhaps a stranger or two to lend credibility to the  poll.

For me there is no question regarding the lengths our government, our corporations and other  associated entities go to manipulate, maneuver and purposely segregate the populus. For example let us look at the I-Phone; how many hundreds perhaps thousands sat out in front of the Apple stores waiting for the opportunity to by the latest generation of I-Phone.  Would you consider the idea of sitting out in the elements, through rain, hail, sleet and snow (if it were snowing) to buy a phone, normal?  I’m just asking… what is it about this product that caused people to act as children on Christmas day? In spite of some conflicting revues about the product people still battled the long lines to get one,

MARKETING! Yes, those who create the ads, commercials and bill boards, emails, floating ads all over the internet, can’t hardly use a program on-line without being bombarded with ads. It’s ridiculous but it continues. We all know there are hidden messages in everything we see. There is a video on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JSJqtxEcEA) which speaks to this very thing.

Another example: The Affordable Care Act-was forced on the population without recourse.  Congress did not act in earnest when trying to vote the law down, An affordable health insurance program is desperately needed

The Affordable Care Act is not affordable for everyone, one needs the initial funds to make the first installment payment.  What happens when you do not have the money? You get assessed a fine because you are not in a financial position to pay $200 – $400 up front and you are left without insurance still. While there are many benefits to the program it is not the shoe that fits all as alluded to, marketing and the establishment lied to us.

Last example – the United States is at war!  Now to listen to the talking heads on the idiot tube aka television and its news affiliates we (the collective we) are fed a daily diet of rehearsed, manipulated lies.  This video clip also on YouTube shows the idiocy of what gets piped into our homes, radios, internet (http://.youtu.be/PStpvviPgxk) they are reading from a script!  We can no longer trust the national media because they are obedient to their master the Bankers/Wall street/government the press is loyal to no one except that hands that feed them.  There may still be some truth tellers out there but they are not loud enough…

In my opinion the nation is being sold out and are being programmed to do only what those in control now want us to do.  Some may refer to this train of thought as “conspiratorial” call it what you want it seems obvious to me. BUT, things do not have to remain the same if we were engaged.  Let us stop the bickering suggested by NBC,CBS, FOX and others, let us focus on what is good for the whole, not just a few.

While some have not understood the concept that this USA is a nation of many cultures/creeds/tongues we must embrace it is the common man/woman/child, that’s right the everyday, John Q who have to make the change and Open those eyes that are wide shut.  Take the proverbial head out of the ground and stand up make some noise, call those out who have no desire to genuinely make substantive changes to the status quo – our lives.

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