Lack of Quality in Over the Air Television

I started to write about the twisted opinions and conclusions derived from the skewed Sunday morning news shows and the “Presstitutes that show up week after week.  You know the ones that are to provide the “truth” and relevant information to improve our lives and assist in decision-making; then I changed the channel… and all I saw was football!

Allow me to insert this disclaimer; I love football, just not on every channel on the television.  ABC, CBS, NBC and other local channels are on football overdose.  As I said I love football, rather watch that than baseball any day of the week. But not every single station.

What happened to “quality” programming?  The choices offered to those who refuse to pay the “cable guy” have been hijacked via the open air channels left.  It’s either cooking shows, which have multiplied like Bay-bay’s kids… Talk shows aren’t really talking anymore at least not of things with any real substance and OMG! if I see another how-to show my brain will explode. Today’s cartoons are more like mini-series with some strange characters of deep emotional concerns.

In my opinion there are very few programs that have substance, legitimacy and worth.  You can see the patterns in virtually all programming, especially the news.  The hosts speak in sound bites… this is what has become of the English language…”Sound Bites”. The over exaggeration of those sound bites to the degree some would offer policy changes is down right scary.

Not all shows are dung, albeit many are valueless I still search for quality shows.  PBS has maintained its high standard for programming, programs that convict you into thinking, actually analyzing what is being fed to us.

I have found that web-based news should be viewed an eye of skepticism as well.  Many programs on YouTube while interesting in content also suffer with “the host knows all” syndrome. Its scary folks… really scary.

So I would simply say pay attention to what you watch, seek value added television, and write the networks about the garbage they spew out daily. Even knowing first hand the national news networks are bought and sold out to their respective corporations; let them know you are aware of their tricks and demand integrity in reporting. Maybe we might get it.

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