I was going to wait until the weekend but thought better of it, primarily because I had to let off some steam.  Generally calm, cool and collected I recently witnessed myself coming unhinged because of the idiocy of businesses, OMgoodness!  Nothing done in these establishments make any sense.

Recently I went to Chase Bank to make a cash deposit for my daughter; I thought nothing of this act as I have done it often enough in the past without incident, however this time I lost it, literally had a mental melt down in the middle of the bank. Of course you want to know why… Keep in mind this is a CASH deposit.

I approached the counter and placed the pre-printed deposit slip in the slot along with the cash, and whopping grand total of $20 dollars.  The teller asked what was my transaction and I replied to make this deposit; she then asked for my driver’s license to which I asked why she needed my license for a cash “deposit”? Okay!, get ready for stupidity… the teller then said I had to have appropriate identification to make a deposit (she assumed this was my account), I informed her this was my daughter’s account and the deposit slip was the “pre-printed” form from her check book and what do you mean I must show ID to make a deposit?  The bank’s policy mandates ID for any transaction and if your name is not on the account you can not make a deposit.  That was the moment of melt down. 😦

Even though I have not been inside a bank for a while, my financial depository is the credit union, they too are assuming the idiocy position; I digress… back to the bank. I exclaimed “what behinds thought of this policy”?  I consider myself a reasonable person, I reasoned if this were a large sum of money, i.e. a few thousand dollars I could appreciate some concern, but twenty dollars!? To add further insult to injury the teller informed me this policy change was made earlier this year and all depositors were notified.  Not so, my daughter previously worked at a financial institution and had not received any such notice. Needless to say this new policy will soon be tested by daughter; she enjoys a challenge and wants a first hand experience with this policy.  This will be fun!

Oh! But I am not finished with idiocy, anyone familiar with “Comcast” aka “Xfinity?” Where did this company get the brain dead that make their policies?  I have been trying for over five days now to have a live conversation with a customer service representative (CSR) with no luck at all.

After trying at all times of day and night I thought to have an online chat, this action actually produced an individual to chat with, unfortunately they were not able to assist me and provided another number to call, which as you would guess produced no results.  I did learn something while waiting on those endless phone loops, ready for this?  If you make a payment with CSR assistance Comcast charges an additional $5.99 for that.  Wait there is more… Even if you make a payment at a payment center if you have a humanoid assist you there is a charge of $5.99 for that help.  They would prefer you use the kiosk to make your payment.  What the hell are the people there for then?

Sorry about that, just a little fed up with this idea that every little thing has to be automated.  I am a person I like speaking to other persons, do these businesses think that everything can be automated?  Not to mention that they actually charge a fee for the privilege of communicating with a person.

I’m just saying the idiots are running the world!  And this doesn’t make the news?!  WHAT!?

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