It’s Nobody’s Business!

Here we go again, meddling in other people’s personal business why?  With matters of serious consequences facing the world today the latest news that takes precedence is the family who decided to cancel Christmas for their children because of misbehavior. (

Honestly this preoccupation with an illegitimate “holiday” should be cancelled.  The money grubbing merchants, corporations and others have turned what was once sacred and meaning ful family event into a farce not to mention most educated people know the “Christ” was not born on December 25 and it is a pagan ritual from its origins, so why the fuss?

Those who participate in this ritual do it because of many reasons; i.e. making amends for being an ass all year, this is their opportunity to make it all better, then there are those who appreciate the “christian” concept of giving to others with those who have less at the top of their list.  Nothing wrong with that, but why isn’t this the attitude year round? Why wait for a dedicated time once a year to be nice?

I am sure we could all speak to this topic, however my issue is with our media, TV, online news, magazines, newspaper, etc… I would venture to say this family probably is making a little money from this exposure.

But this fascination with other people’s personal decisions is not new!  Their decision is for them, not me… why is this fodder for discussion? Why are so-called professionals weighing in on this? It’s their decision and don’t tell me to change the station on the TV, this is everywhere, Inside Edition, local news stations, radio and on and on it goes.  Opps! I suppose I am contributing to this madness too, but only in protest.

I would simply ask the reporting entities to consider bringing news that is pertinent to our well being on a whole; tell me what is “really” going on with the lowering gas prices and how long before it blows up again, inform me of how “Grand Juries” are ill-informed on the law on purpose to allow out of control law enforcement off without penalty, explain to me why the 114th Congress is still not willing to pass a jobs bill or restore unemployment benefits extension to formerly gainfully employed people,  tell me why this country is still policing the world and not handling matters or hunger, homelessness in the good ole US, tell me about these things and call those responsible out.  Expose matters such as this if you dare, we have a reporting media that is hamstrung because of its corporate sponsors, the “ruling” class, the elite the abundantly wealthy treat the rest of us like chattel (heard that before)… we are nothing more than underpaid labor why isn’t that talked about?

Want some insight into what is going on go to the movies they tell us everything they plan to do in the movies. Go see Mockingjay Part 1 ( The news we need to know is at your local theatre, take a note pad and take copious notes bring it back home and research what you saw then you will understand what is going.

So, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and whatever else you care to call it!  Just try to love humankind period all year round, love your neighbor, love yourself, do no harm.

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