Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock…

I found this video on YouTube it pretty much sums up the state of the world as we know it. I was compelled to write my thoughts out.  I am concerned about my environment, my family, friends, neighbors, children growing up in this madness.  Check this out and see if there is not some element of truth/facts even in it.


I refuse to believe that humankind is so callous that we no longer have any compassion for each other.  We watch the daily news as pictures of wars around the world are shown to us; babies, women and the elderly murdered in the streets of their cities.  Police all over beating up on people because they know they can without retribution. How long before we join together and shut the idiocy down.  There are so many ways to stop the madness now.

Politics! No one worth voting for, they are all on the same team anyway; they never gave “we the people” a second thought.  They take our hard, blood, sweat and tears earned money and force us to pay taxes on interest from the Fed that prints money out of thin air.  Think about it!  We are paying for money printed out of thin air, no value, no backing, no underpinning… No gold!  It’s FAKE!!!!

Stop spending fake money with the corporations, spend these promissory notes with each other at least until something of substance is in its place. Support your neighbors and their businesses.  Don’t bank with the banks, support community credit unions…as for the cash…the paper is worthless anyway, barter like they use to.  I do for you if you can do for me.  Share with each other what one lacks the other provides and vice versa.  De-program and learn to love yourselves, educate your children at home.

Yeah, yeah I get it… people think I’m crazy…

Tic-tock, tic-tock…how much longer before we either step up and make a change or succumb to the madness?

Mind you change is coming, I would like to know it’s change based on my values and not forced on me because of some fascist, wealthy, S.O.B.’s are running the camps. Tic-Tock!

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