25 Days Into 2015

My goodness its January 25 already; it seems as if the New Year, for me anyway, is crawling along at a snail’s pace.  I’m not complaining sometimes slow is better.

This winter morning as I surfed the web for interesting content I came across an article via a post from a friend on Facebook.  The headline read “There’s a New Mainstream Out There — and You’re probably Part of It” – Dianne Collins (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dianne-collins/theres-a-new-mainstream-o_b_6146988.html)

I thought her take on the “awakening” of the masses interesting.  I wouldn’t say the masses are waking up however many more than we could possibly think are experiencing newness to self and that’s a good thing. If the masses did wake up wouldn’t that be a beautiful thing?

I made the determination a while ago to be the better me and so far I have had some unusual experiences. My dream state is totally different now; it’s as if I am on hyper-speed mode and I experience different situations in my life but it’s as if I have the answers already. Fascinating stuff if I could only remember the answers when I wake up, but I have started to journal now so that helps a lot.  Keeping in mind old girl here has to write it down quick cause my brain still wakes on coffee mode…no thinking without coffee first.  Hey! I am a work in process so no criticizing.

Once, while in a hypnotic a state I met ME!  Nothing like that has ever happened before, but then I’ve not been on this journey before.  I was playing this cd of tribal drums, love drums and I allowed myself to relax into myself and went deeper and deeper and continued the breath.  Then without notice all was quiet within, there was a stillness, truly a peacefulness never known before then I could see within myself ME! It was like a family reunion or sorts, Wow!

There I was encased in this light of blue and green iridescence how beautiful and all I could say was, “where have you been? I’ve missed you so much.”  I  clearly remember this as I started crying because there was this sense of relief and knowing, the experience will stay with me all my earthly days.  I had met my true self and I was happy again.  I have heard of this process before the meditation the hypnotic trance like state one may find themselves in and the other worldly experiences one may have.  I can’t tell you what I was expecting because I had no idea, all I knew prior to this journey was I was seeking relief of a sort and I received so much more.

I wonder if having this experience could be considered an “awakening”? If so then I highly recommend it to everyone.  Yes!  Go on that vision quest and meet the real YOU and have a great time with the YOU who has been forgotten; that child-like you who has been burdened with the woes of this earthly existence and told all that negative crap.  Experience the real true you and understand, no! innerstand that you are a spiritual being having an earthly experience only this time you are aware of who you are and even in this embryonic state of awakening you have the power to excel.  To use that old cliché’ “Be All That You Can BE!”

So enjoy your week and if you are into the Superbowl I hope your team wins.

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