Still Hanging On!

Personal journeys are sometimes wonderful and full of adventure, other times steeped in hardship and circumstances not of your own making.  When those times come it’s difficult to come to grips with the abandonment of family and friends, those you thought would stand by you in times of need.

This is my journey now; one not of my own chosing but one of circumstances that surrounded me suddenly. Laid off from a relatively decent job early last year I decided at 63 years young to pursue my dreams of completing my book and I did, even managed to get it published.  After the unemployment ran out I was fortunate to find a part-time position and was eligible for a small portion of Social Security.  While the position only lasted for five months it was a learning opportunity and I was grateful for that.  Now its only Social Security keeping the boat afloat; then life has a hiccup and it’s not enough.

I asked family, friends and friends of friends for monetary help, even did one of those “FundRaiser” things many use to ask for help.  It’s not easy asking strangers for help, it’s not easy asking anyone for help, but if you need it, you ask.  But guess what? a total stranger, one lone soul donated to my cause, someone I know not who had compassion and gave while my family has abandoned me, with the exception of my daughter.

I have 88 friends on Facebook, I was hopeful if those 88 donated $10 each that would be a blessing and a tremendous help, but no one gave.  It makes you take a serious look at what a friend is.  There is an old saying, “A friend in need is a friend in deed”, not sure what that means, but I know if someone asked me for help and its happened often in the past, I help in any way I can.

Am I bitter, no! Saddened yes, but still hanging on in spite of the circumstances.  No one wants to face being set out of their home.  I live a modest lifestyle by choice and necessity. I am also sharing my “fundraiser” link if you have a heart to donate either monetarily or and equally important, send love, prayers of faith and good wishes.  I receive them too.

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