Social media has turned the world into a bunch of bullies…

There was a post on my FB page this morning where a couple in their vehicle came upon another vehicle and the driver in vehicle #2 was enjoying a moment singing along window open obviously having a great time singing this song.  The two in vehicle #1 recorded #2 and then proceeded to talk about this person, who may have been out of tune, but knew every word. They thought the incident funny and continued to speak disparagingly about #2, my question is why?  More importantly why do you care? This person was in their vehicle minding their own business obviously enjoying themselves and here come the haters… WTF!

I can’t link it because it goes to my personal FB page, but if you go to “Fortafy” and look up videos “When You’re Driving and Think No One Watching” you can see it there.

Come on world things are bad enough can’t we celebrate even one soul having a break from the madness?

Additionally there were also hurtful remarks made on social media regarding Whitney Houston’s daughter’s unfortunate hospitalization.  Who knows the circumstances under which this young woman was found? The vile remarks made about her mother’s passing and the other things known about her lifestyle at the time of her death were not warranted. No one has the right to judge another person’s lifestyle period.  If someone’s morals or lack there of do not resonate with yours, so what!  If you are not contributing to that individuals welfare, their mother, father, sister, brother or other significant person you (we) have nothing to say.

Stop hating!!!  Leave people alone, as long as the lifestyle of others do not directly affect you or your family leave them alone. We got other things to focus on people, things that are of greater significance; i.e. the idiots running our nation would be a great place to start.  Getting BIG money out of our national politics, getting rid of the FED Reserve which is not a part of our government, but an independent banking institution that is robbing us blind…etc… you get my drift.

Now I gotta go calm down…


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