Update: To Vaccinate or Not ~ The Push to Mandate Vaccinations

Today is Tuesday, Feb. 10 and I wanted to add to this post.  I am seriously concerned with the efforts of the government, the experts called to testify before some investigational group all agreeing that vaccinations are completely safe, that this too is a scam.  These people want to control our lives in earnest.

Mandatory anything means something is seriously wrong.  We are mandated to pay taxes, but we are taxed without representation (think about it), personal privacy is a thing of the past, our food is being poisoned and we have no one to step up and stop the corporate entities that literally force feed us poison and now they are working on passing a bill (those lying, low life (McCain) and his friends to mandate vaccinations.  Its too much!

So, in my searches I have come across many who speak out against this soon to be mandated practice and I would urge all parents to throughly investigate for themselves what they are putting into the bodies of their innocent children.

This link is from a radio broadcast that you might want to listen to:


Additionally you may want to see what other highly respected publications have to say:


In 2008 Hillary Clinton and then presidential candidate Obama stated that data regarding vaccines were inconclusive.  They have both changed their minds since those sentiments were voiced.

There is a larger agenda here and as usual “we” the people are not told the truth.  I have found a few reports with a broader view on this subject, i.e.

From the Alex Jones showhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bZkekbHoJE


The report above is from Natural Health News & Self-Reliance

My concern is about “choice” and the “government” enforcement of what was at one time my legal right to choose in this country.  It is becoming more clear the right of choice is being eroded not only for the individual but the parent. Uncle Sam and his little cousin the state wants to be all up in your business…

You have read or seen growing accounts of “government” interference in parents being able to make choices for their children.  Take a look at the  Maryland couple being investigated for allowing their children to walk to the park for example is a display of government over involvement in personal lives.


I know times have changed I also know that children if instructed properly have better sense than many adults do.  There was a time, not so long ago when it was common place to see children walking to the corner store or going together to the school playground.  My goodness we can not shield them from life, but we can give them factual information and repeat the mantra daily of what to do.

Who are these so-called experts anyway?  I personally believe these people have an agenda; the pharmaceutical industry, the medical associations, the FDA and everyone else who can ride on the Nonsense train are turning this nation into a society of mindless, dumb down robots.  I have news people, “Homie don’t play that!”

It’s simple for me, stay the hell out of my bedroom, my vaga-ga is mine and what I gave birth to is mine also.

You modern day slave owners aka “the elite”  have taken our jobs and shipped them overseas, you’ve taken our family members and sent them to fight your war so you can get richer, you have taken every token worked for and taxed it to the ‘enth degree.  The BS stops here… My body is mine and hell NO! I will not allow you to put anything in it you want, I am not your petri dish…

Step off!Stealth Kitty

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