The Beat Goes On…

I am sure no one is surprised at the lack of action taken today by Congress to fund Homeland Security; they had their typical excuse of not following through because of the exclusion of immigration restrictions approved by the Senate to a tune of 3.97 billion dollars.

House Speaker John Boehner is a disgrace as well as all of his contemporaries and that includes the Senate.  Personally I don’t understand the game playing, after all the whole kit-and-kaboodle work for the bankers of the world, certainly not the “people of the America”.  That ship sailed a long time ago.

It should make each and every one think about the upcoming elections in 2016.  The two-party system is bankrupt, broken and most assuredly bought and paid for.  Wouldn’t it be nice if our working class had it’s own party?  I am sure you remember something like “for the people and by the people.” What a novel idea that would be.  I am being a stinker aren’t I?  Can’t help it with this bunch of a-wipes in charge of the country.

Seriously it is a sad commentary for this country to be saddled with the foolishness we face on a daily basis.

Why can’t this madness be turned around, are we so numb to the mistreatment of ourselves that we can’t begin to think perhaps we could fight back? Are we as a nation so trodden down with the constant battle to feed and clothe our children, work two or more jobs just to keep a roof over our heads and maybe pay the car note if we have one… that we can not join together with the common goal of taking the industrial war machine out of Washington and the elitest bankers who have hijacked out monetary system out of business by returning the power to Congress to make the money for this nation.

There is so much that goes on that has been historically decried about and yet no one says a word about it. I mean seriously the news media is bought and paid for, our judicial system is bought and paid for, our legislative system is bought and paid for and we do nothing?

I have to speak out. It’s all I have and I use what I’ve got…the written word.

If nothing else my children can say she spoke her heart and mind.

Minons Sentiment

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