Who Will Tell the Truth?

It’s amazing to me how much legitimate/relative news the public is ignorant of myself included at times.  Many of us still watch our local and national news stations and hear the spin or the out right prostituting of what we need to know; some have the luxury of cable news access and every now and then a real newspaper will find its way to our dining room table or our desks at work.

I have often asked the question numerous times with none to answer why we can not get truthful reports?  It’s always some anchor or field reporter bringing their personal interpretations of the days events or elaborating on the horrors of the day by weird facial expressions, the raising of an eyebrow or the shrug of their shoulders. Most frightening it would seem no one earnestly cares anymore.  How can that be?  Have we been desensitized to what is actually going on around us?  Do we as a nation truly believe our government is protecting us?  Those voted into office have the general public’s best interests at heart?  I would pray we are not that dumb to believe that.

As for myself  I get my news or what appears to be worthy information from YouTube and the web in general.  I don’t listen to just anyone, I try to be discerning in the data I allow myself to absorb.

My concern for this nation has been on high of late, especially with the rhetoric from Netanyahu and the idiots in Congress beating the war drums.  As mentioned I listen to what I consider to be quality videos on YouTube and I listened to this one in particular today.

The military/industrial complex of which this nation was warned not to allow by former President Dwight D. Eisenhower is alive and well to our demise.  I would guess he is turning over in his grave.  Listen to Abby Martin and MIke Papantonio from the Ring of Fire broadcast you might find this interesting.  Something to think about…

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