Mayhem and Foolishnesss!

As I began to write I could not decide on a title, after a few unsuccessful attempts I came up with “Mayhem and Foolishness” it just popped into my head.

The title fits well with what I perceive as mass hysteria and foolishness descending on our world and at the forefront of this misinformation and propaganda is of course the media.  I don’t care where you turn, radio, television, web-based or printed press; it’s filled with innuendo, opinions and just about everything except facts.

Our world is going mad and no one is home! Where are the adults that elected to run this country? It would seem to me those in positions of power are all out for themselves and the decision to run things as if this nation were embedded with terrorists aka police state.  Every living soul is not an enemy, our enemy has been long-standing deeply rooted systems of prejudice and denial for anyone other than those in power or related to it either by family affiliation or the selling of their souls.

When you listen to the talking heads, whether its CNN, MSNBC or other major networks, have you ever really taken note of the words chosen when they speak?  Let’s be honest, we know the reporting anchors are reading from a script, but for those who have a little celebrity to their status have the appearance of playing judge and jury on much that is reported on.  You see the occasional shrug of the shoulders, the peep over the glasses or a sneer when interviewing someone they may not personally agree with.

Much of what we are bombarded with is fueled by the need for profit and the need to promote their particularly ideology.  There is no objectivity in reporting today everybody had an agenda and telling us the truth or simply reporting FACTS is not one of them.

I recently read an article “How To Do Interviews With The Mainstream Media” ( RooshV , it spoke of the interviewees’ understanding of not only why he was being interviewed but how those reporting, manipulate the interview itself or attempt to. There is another good read by Ken Auletta, his book Backstory: Inside the Business of News tells of the dirty little secrets of reporting.  Here is a review reference if you chose to check this out.

BACKSTORY: Inside the Business of News

Editorial Review – Kirkus – Jane Doe

Protestations by Fox News and the White House notwithstanding, the “liberal media” is a fiction. And what’s killing the news business, writes New Yorker media critic Auletta (Three Blind Mice, 1991, etc.), is that most cherished of capitalist emotions: lust for profit.Independent newsgathering is increasingly rare, as documented in this collection of New Yorker pieces (augmented by one for the … (

Here’s my point, the media is biased in their reporting, they do what they are told and as a result of that we find ourselves reacting to much without knowing the facts.  With specific regards to the multiple shootings across the country, this is not new.  The BIG difference is with the advent of “social” networking i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many others we have the advantage of seeing first hand what is going on across the world.  The cell phone have proven to be the death nail to those who have hidden behind their authority to do wrong without forethought.  There is no more hiding, and yet we can’t get the truth from our mainstream news sources.  It’s a shame and a disgrace.

I don’t mean to paint the entire lot of them with the broad brush of contempt, there are many, I would hope, that respect the right of us all to be armed with FACTS! and TRUTH not someone’s personal biased opinion when it comes to matters that affect all so graphically.

I would also like to challenge the people of the good old USA to hold our elected officials to the highest of standards and mandate them to stop meddling in world affairs based on lies, fear and corporate interests.  Fix our house first, there is much wrong with this nation and how dare they as representative of us tell any other nation about inhumane treatment of its citizens, while they treat us like lab rats.  It’s the truth and you know it…

Stop the Mayhem and the Foolishness!  Stop it!

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