Indoctrianted to Madness – Reason for 40-Hour Work Week

I had one of those mornings where my mind was full of thoughts racing like a locomotive on a track.  For a moment I wasn’t sure if I could slow them down long enough to focus on even one, but I did and here is the result.

Do you ever wonder why we do the things we do?  Have you ever considered the things we’re taught are not entirely true? As children we don’t question adults, parents, teachers or others in authority because they’re suppose to know right from wrong, right? Somehow we grow up have children and suddenly the light comes on…and we realize we’ve been lied to.  Now we can’t necessarily blame our parents or those other authority figures because they have been brain-washed too.  My great question is where did these ideas on living originate?  Who said things must remain as they are?  Why haven’t these thought processes been questioned and if they have who stopped the process?

I question because I seek to understand why things are as they are.  I have the desire to know so that I can live the best life possible and be a beacon of light where possible.  One of the issues I come across too often is there are no authorities that can provide a legitimate answer, all I get is “it’s always been done that way.”  No! Things we experience have not always been this way, somebody made it happen and no one has challenged it to the degree to make a change.

Have you ever asked yourself why we have to pay for “air”, “water”, “land”?  Weren’t these free at one time?  Who decided to take from humanity and profit from what the Universe, God or the Great Spirit (whatever you chose to call your deity) gave us?  Whoever, whomever, whatever locked our brains down has done an outstanding job of conditioning us. Congratulations humans we have been successfully indoctrinated!

There was a post on Facebook this morning and I thought I would share it with you.  I found it interesting as I have had my time in the 40-hour lock down.  When I was laid off last year I skipped out of that place…FREE!  Was I prepared for the event, of course not.  Forced retirement was not in my plan nevertheless I am making the most of it.  Still paying for water, still paying for air, can’t afford any land but it’s alright. I am at peace with me and that’s the best gift I could ever have.

Enjoy this article it is an eye opener to understanding the madness called the 40-hour work week.

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