Who Owns It? Air, Water and Land…

I have been pondering the question, who actually owns the water, the air and land?  My inquiry began when I started investigating why we have to pay for what was once free.  Do we really have to pay for air, water and land? I suppose some would argue with the invention of mechanical devices designed for the specific purpose of making life as we know it better, we would be better able to utilize these resources in a more efficient way. That’s debatable primarily because of what has happened to the general public or shall we say those least able to have other options.

Someone or several someones have taken control by these mechanical devices to regulate what again was once free for the benefit of making money. I am not shooting down the concept of invention or creatively, but when science, invention and creatively are used to control others then it can not be considered good practice. Entities classified as governmental regulators have moved in along side corporations to squeeze out of the serviced communities every penny they can and along with this ability, to charge outrageous rates for the use of their devices; and they have the ability to cut it off when you don’t pay them for the use of those devices. Wouldn’t you think the taxes would be enough?

Perhaps some have noticed how the science community has recently concluded the concentration of fluoride has been too high and now after some 50 plus years of poisoning us they have decided to reduce the quantities in municipalities water supply. Some one is playing in the water people and it’s not you or me.  Other countries have forbidden the use of fluoride in their water supplies. Here’s a link of countries that have banned or rejected fluoride.  http://fluoridation.com/c-country.htm

Gas stations have motorized pumps that cost anywhere from .50 cents to a dollar plus to put air in your tires.  I am old enough to remember when it was free, in fact a smart kid, back in the day, would always have an air pump on their bike just in case. But now we pay for the use of a motorized pump to get air.

Today we talk about who has the “right” to water… how ridiculous a statement, yet there are many who would say paying for water is a privilege.  In the city of Detroit for example the Department of Water and Sewage decided to take action and shut off water to thousands, mostly inner city residents without discourse.  This action prompted the UN to come to the city to see for themselves what the heck was going on and to make a statement this was a “human rights” issue.


Detroit water shut-offs bring U.N. scrutiny – CBS News By Michelle Miller CBS News October 20, 2014, 7:05 PM

Ms. Miller reported on several individuals who expressed frustration with the manner in which, the city chose to deal with delinquent accounts.  What has not been addressed are the hundreds of thousands of dollars not paid to the city by corporations, private business owners and of course the infamous absentee landowners, you know the ones who live out -side the city, but own a majority of buildings collecting rent and not paying for the basic needs of the tenants which includes water.

So again I ask who owns the water?  The water is free, it is the treatment of the water that costs money, it is the infrastructure that takes the water to homes, businesses and townships that cost money, but who decided that?  Wouldn’t you think the taxes paid would be enough?  Wouldn’t the city, in this case, be better served to actually go after those who owe the most and not the citizens many of whom are elderly, on some type of assistance or working a low wage job?

Then there is the land rights issue… who really owns the land?

I found some interesting comments on this subject while trolling a few discussion forums, On Quora.com one respondent answered the question “how did ownership over land first begin?” Peter Mericka, Director of Lawyers Real Estate commented “ownership of land means no more than having an enforceable right to eject someone else from it. Nothing more. All other “rights” or “interests” in land derive from this basic principle.”  http://www.quora.com/How-did-ownership-over-land-first-begin

This seems to be the general thought throughout history, just take what does not belong to you, say its yours, begin making up laws to give the appearance of legitimacy and off we go owning.  That might seem as bit simplistic nevertheless it is what it is.

The point of this piece is to inform and hopefully bring about the discussion regarding how a few dictate to so many. Making laws that support their ideology.  From my perspective it is past time to make changes as to how people are treated by those who, for all intent and purposes, have it all, and let us not leave out how our government has its hands in much of the land grabbing from individuals over the decades.

Professor of History Andrew Kahrl, University of Virginia has an interesting book, “The Land Wars Ours: African-American Beaches from Jim Crow to the Sunbelt South is a worthy read regarding land grabs by the US government and white corporate interests. There is also an article on Grist.org that highlights an interview by Brentin Mock with Professor Kahrl, http://grist.org/living/how-african-americans-lost-the-coasts-and-how-we-could-make-that-right/ discussing what happen to property owned by Blacks and what the Army Corps of Engineers did to them.

Just a little fodder to chew on…

Maybe if we actually looked at how we a manipulated, coerced and brow beaten by those we supposedly vote for we would collectively make a change. Make some noise people!  No one will hear you unless you open your mouths, write some letters, embarass some folk.

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