What Is Not Going To Happen!

My mind has been in a whirlwind these past few months and with the latest act of violence it has been difficult at best not to put my fist through a wall or something to allow the frustration to be released.

The article I have inserted is an opinion piece by DeRay McKesson a point he made about statistics regarding the deaths of those slaughtered by law enforcement is not forthcoming: he says “We live in the age of big data and analytics, yet we have no systematic way of collecting even the most elemental data on the actions of police officers. It is as if the lives of those that are killed by the police simply do not matter. In fact, it appears as if these lives are not even worth cataloguing”.

Opinion: Washington Needs To Tell the Truth About Police Violence

With specific regards to the African-American communities we are considered expendable, we are even looked on as not human, nevertheless in spite of the hate towards us, we are human.  We have families, we have dreams and aspirations in spite of the road blocks we face daily we are human beings and this madness identified as “white supremacy” must be brought to its demise.

But if anyone thinks this is going to change on its own it will not.  The system in place is designed by a few who weld power and financial control over the working class and they are not willing to make things any better.  It is not in their self interests to make life better for those they consider chattel still.

Point is we will not get the truth from DC or where ever your home town is; the truth is not in them and for those who know what this is all about, trust me they’re scared too.  Many know but are in too deep…the rabbit hole runs deep…

We can not count on the so-called governmental entities to come to our aid, that won’t happen.  All armed personnel, local, state and federal are locked into a psychology that supports wicked people who are hell-bent on their mission by any means necessary.  So what it boils down to is African-Americans must realize we must fight for our survival.  We have to find a way to overcome this madness.  Do I have any ideas? of course I do and at the appropriate time and place I will share when and if asked to contribute.

I’m done!


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