Senseabilities Gone Array….

The great author George Orwell gave an ominous warning; George Orwell – A Final Warning – You Tube however, not one person is paying attention.  As usual life goes on as if nothing ever changes and if it does it is better to ignore  the circumstances we find ourselves in.

George Orwell wrote the classic “1984” first published in 1949, even at that date in time, it was clear that Mr. Orwell was onto something.  In my opinion this book needs to be mandatory reading for every level of education. Why?  Because it is one of a few truths being told.

Here is an animated clip by Shaun McKinnon of Australia of the book George Orwell’s “1984”. George Orwell’s 1984 in 5 mins. – Animated – You Tube

1984 speaks directly to the challenges we face today. The world looks at Americans as hypocrites, fools, arrogant and idiotic; for all intent and purposes this is an accurate conclusion but really it applies to the elite, the government officials who rule, those that think themselves above the law.  Someone must be responsible for the senseless actions and reactions we have when corrected. Who can we blame? The Eurocentric world-view has much to do with what is wrong here. however, let’s begin with our education or the lack thereof.

The U.S. is low of the totem pole of worldwide education, many countries can run rings around the U.S. academically, yet millions flock here to attend universities such as Harvard, MIT, Cornell to name a few.  What is not understood is the majority of academics are based on falsified information.  Ancient civilizations long before the Greco-Roman era, even prior to Egypt (Greek name for Kemit) histories were written in stone, languages were developed, governments, medicine were in full force. Architects to this day can not duplicate the marvels found in the Giza Valley, the Seven Wonders of the world are yet wonders, nevertheless these stories are not spoken of in the great halls of learning. Entire cultural dynasties are ignored for the benefit of the European worldview, a false view and what remains are long tales of stolen legacies, life interrupted if you will.

American arrogance is supported by these hallowed halls of learning which begin in the most innocent of places, grade schools, but let’s look at this flawed system and understand what is really being provided.

John Taylor Gatto is a prolific writer and educator of 30 years now retired.  He has written extensively about the lie of education in the U.S. his book Dumbing Us Down is a masterful work of the decline of teaching.  GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOL NOW!!! is a powerful video featured on You Tube where Mr. Gatto speak honestly and frankly about the mis-education and the real purpose of tactics used.

“Charlotte Iserbyt is the consummate whistleblower! Iserbyt served as Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, during the first Reagan Administration, where she first blew the whistle on a major technology initiative which would control curriculum in America’s classrooms.” Belligerant Politics 

The Untold Historical Truth of American Education – Charlotte Iserbyt – You Tube

This information provides some foundation as to what is wrong with us as a nation. We are manipulated from cradle to grave. Half truths, no truths are fed to us daily, via television, social media, newspapers, magazines, etc…however, this is only the tip of the iceberg.  The manipulation is constant it never lets up and our “Big” brother government is at play in this too.

19 Shocking Examples of How Political Correctness Is Destroying America

Another strong example of what we are being fed, daily, the onslaught of rules, regulations is overwhelming to the masses, and yet the “government” as we know it are fully aware and in charge of the madness.

Recently, our Secretary of State spoke of the “Human Rights” crisis around the globe and what other nations had to do in order to do business with the U.S.; what nerve to speak to other nations as if he as the representative of the above reproach.  The U.S. has a multitude of “Human Rights” issues it needs to deal with before speaking so arrograntly to others.

This is the bull shit we have to endure daily….  Mr. Policeman – The American Police State – You Tube

Bill Moyers Journal, airing Friday, October 19th at 9 on PBS, BILL MOYERS JOURNAL – Jeremy Schaill – PBS – You Tube

Death by Officer: An American Epidemic of Police Shooting and Brutality – You Tube

Aside from this there is the continous complaining about children crying on planes and in restaurants, dog pooping on the grass (where were the pooping before?), mandated to wear helmets while riding bikes and let us not forget forced to pay taxes to a rouge government…

“All the while, however, hidden in a previously nearly universally misunderstood (therefore misapplied) section of the law known as Subchapter N, Section 861 was the truth that the income tax is NOT a direct tax on incomes but is an indirect tax imposed only on those individuals engaged in certain types of international and possessions commerce.”

Theft By Deception – Deciphering The Federal Income Tax – You Tube

Until we as a nation of citizens speak up we will continued to get screwed.  Educate yourselves, reserach yourselves and stop going along to get along… Just a thought.

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