Why So Many Crime Shows on TV

I have a simple question…why are there so many crime shows on television?  Between the crime shows and infomericals there is nothing of substance on television.  Is this some plot to make us purchase premium television programing?  It would apprear so wouldn’t it?

For example there is Criminal Minds, Criminal Minds Special Victims Unit, Criminal Minds Beyond Borders…that’s the “Criminal Minds spin offs and then there is the all time favorite NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, NCIS New Orleans of course there are other shows but these come to mind most readily.  But again the question is still why?

Are we as a nation so fascinated with crime or the investigation of crimes that we accept this from the idiot box? I ask because I am concerned with the degree of sick shows being forced on us.  Yes, I am well aware I can turn the boob-tube off and often I do; but that doesn’t answer the question, why so many crime shows?  The programming alone is not the issue or rather the greatest issue its the general lack of quality writing.  The lack of quality writing is a reflection of our society and our daily lives.  Wasn’t it once said that “art reflects life”? Surely that is the case because all we see is death. Even the comedy shows now are mindless stupidity.  Every now and then an episode of worth might pop up but overall its slap stick bullshit!!!

If you don’t have paid subscription televison your viewing pleasure is significantly diminished. From constant crime, and more crime, its infomericals after infomercial; let us not omit the forever “cooking shows”…even the daily news casts are full of this crap.  If you don’t know how to boil and egg by now shame on you!

We have been forced to injest this nonsense and no one is demanding changes.  Those that own the media outlets openly forced feed us this madness daily and they have no intention to change.  Every thing we see and read or hear on the radio is skewed to one side or another, the viewpoint of one group or another; we are not given the option to choose any longer. I say that because the choices that are presented are still those of one frame of mind or the other neither of which are beneficial to the whole.  The FACTS/TRUTHS are hidden away because those in control want to remain in control.  Until those who can see this for what it is are in a position to make changes and make it their mission to effect changes by purchasing television and radio stations of their own, we for the most part are left with the sickness of the elite.

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