Common Ground

I am so tired of the bickering, the fighting, the biases and the hatred…all of this maddness is to what end?

No one is winning this fight of us verses them, no one.  The so-called powers that be are sitting back and watching their agenda play out in the lives of the average person.  “They”, the so-called elites are so wrapped up in keeping the human race divided by rules “they” have devised they have no clue the pit they have dug for the majority is the same one they will fall into.

“They” have stolen the lands from the original people, “they” have divided countries and made war them all.  “They” have written laws and ordiances that were never intended for the betterment of the people because those laws are not “natural” law.

Think about it for a moment; paying taxes on what was “free” land, water, air… If you had a house you didn’t have to pay someone else to live on your own land or in a structure you built.  People, villiages worked together no one lacked anything.  The elderly were taken care of, everyone ate.  Yet we are tricked and bambozzled into thinking someone else knows better than we as to how to live and are tricked into casting a vote to continue the illusion of freedom. Really?!

Division!, is the by-word we should all “overstand.” Why must we be divided is not the entire human existence based on one Source?

I have been searching for understanding this event called life and I have concluded there is so much we miss in this journey, because of hatred, biases, resentment all things contrary to our essence.

Allow me to share this video with you and perhaps you will have a better understanding of what I  mean.

Tobias Lars – Level Up Grow Bigger

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