Land of the Free, Home of the Brave?

How is it the “so-called” American public continues to buy into the propaganda regarding the history of this nation and the blatant prejudices displayed as the “American Way”?

With the growing incidents of mass shootings, media assassination of character and misuse of physical and legal force from the “over-authorized” law enforcement; one should consider all is not well here in the good old USA.

Day after day the “pressitutes” prostrate themselves on camera making outlandish statements about almost everything and everyone who does not follow their “designed” point of view.  I have heard repeated over and over again the words, statements and phrases tuned to our ears to penetrate our subconscious minds…subliminal messages day after day bombarded into our hearing via television, radio and all the other means of mass communication available.

This country, the united states of america is not “FREE” we are not Brave either…

 “September 13, 1814, Francis Scott Key pens a poem which is later set to music and in 1931 becomes America’s national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Francis Scott Key’s Star Spangled Banner staff,, 2009, Key Pens Star-Spangled Banner, A+E Networks.

Keys witnessed terrible fighting with the British troops and after the bloodshed and the smoke cleared he saw the flag, aka “Ole Glory” still standing and the rest as they say is history. But what a history because this country for all intent and purposes has been built on lies. This nation has blood on its hands and yet try to convince other nations, countries to follow its lead and be great!  What’s great about a people who came here to steal the resources of the land and kill the indigenous people of the land.  This began prior to the English settlers, it began with Columbus.

My point is simply this, the united states of america corporation is a fraud, its fake and everything about this government is nothing more than colonialism.  Taxed without representation, that’s right the indigenous people of this North American continent are not represented by anyone sitting in the houses of power in DC…  We are all prisoners of an elite class of thieves, bankers, politrickans…

The common everyday hard-working person is denied their earnings with a false tax on their earnings. Land that once was “free” because that’s the way the Creator designed it has been quartered up divided and sold back to you for a price…  Farmers can no longer grow what they want or need to on their own….No! government dictates what a farmer can grow on what was once their own land… Corporations dictate what can be purchased, sold, when where and even what the price is set at…

Government(s) dictate the rules for marriage, child-birth, where to live and education…where does this madness come from?  It’s not the will of the people but the will of a few who have turned this country on its head. Government(s) making merchandise off the backs of the people…We Aint FREE!!!

Religion dictated by Rome still tells people what they can believe in and where to worship. Someone else had the same idea with their religion and say you either believe what we say you belive or we will kill you; somehow this very activity has been wiped clean out of the minds of the religious right here in the USA.

Wars over opinions and the misappropriated concept that there is only one right way to live and worship is what’s killing the people of the world.  We Aint BRAVE either!!!

No flesh should rule over another; yeah I know its been the history of the world for eons, but that doesn’t make it right.  The USA does not qualify as the world’s policemen.  This is a rogue nation, hypocrisy runs amuck in the halls of just-us!!!

To sum this up, those who think they know all things, know absolutely nothing.  Everything taught in these halls of education are full of lies and misinformation based on one world view the Eurocentric view which has stolen and rewritten the world’s greatest dynasties teachings.  If the euros didn’t  like it or understand it then they corrupted it.  Which is still going on today.  The madness continues until we stop it!

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