NO! I Will NOT Get Over It!!!

Over the past five years I have had the opportunity to investigate and research not only my family’s history but the “factual” history of this country that was never taught in the pubic school system.  I have discovered old manuscripts, books and letters pertaining to the edicts highlighting “Ecclesiastical” rule over the lives of people in other lands, subjecting them to perpetual servitude.  The command(s) to rape, pillage, steal and even kill in the name of Christianity. See the Papal Bull (Online Etymology) Dum Diversas (Dum Diversas – Wikipedia).

I have also had the opportunity to further investigate this grand educational system which has been set-up to mis-educate every living soul that has walked through its doors. Purposeful misinformation taught, indoctrinated into a mindset that would prove to be counter-productive to my personal well-being and those around me.  Surely some would ask why am I angry?  Has not this country provided employment, housing, healthcare and other creature comforts that are not available anywhere else in the known world?  Isn’t that enough for you?  Why are you not satisfied?  These questions are presented daily by those who have no clue as to what burns my heart every waking day.  Do I blame them because they too are dumbed down?  Honestly, to some degree yes; however now I “overstand” a great deal more and would want others to become aware as well.  But to my horror, I am more convinced than every before a greater majority of people in this country do not want to know the “facts” let alone truth.

This United States (of) America is not the “great” nation it is portrayed to be by any stretch of the imagination.  “Land of the free and home of the brave” is also a misnomer to say the least.  One may wonder why I would speak such hurtful things about this country? I would reply it is apparent to me, as I have been classified a minority and harbour yet much anger regarding the “factual and true” history of this country, .I am tired of the lies.  No other nation on this earth has demanded that a people get over their bondage.  Admittedly a travesty against humanity, but “get over it” are the words shouted at us the “legitimate heirs of this land”; the Indigenous people of this land the so-called “united states” of the Americas…  May I take this moment to point North America is a continent including the islands surrounding it.american continents

This particular part of the continent was stolen and yes that upsets me; to add insult to injury the lies from the onset that continue to this very day are still upsetting to me.  What is equally unconscionable it the absurd notion that we who have been oppressed should act as if this madness never happened.  Heaven forbid anyone should tell Ashkenazi Jews to forget the Holocaust, the entire political world would tar and feather you.  So why is it so easy for the descendants of slave holders and the other Eurocentric descendants to tell us, so-called Blacks to go back to Africa?  For the greater majority of us we were here all along. Do the research for yourselves, read the diary of old Christopher Columbus and the atrocities done to the people of the land he invaded… Cooper Colored People of America

However, the matter at hand is NO! I will not forget… realize that we living in these united states (of) the North American continent have been lied to and I will not get over that.  I want truth to prevail and acknowledgement of the crimes against us.  No is being mandated to overstand anything but I  would think at the very least people should know the truth.

Too many ways to confirm what has been going on here is one story shared via Emnuah Ysrael on her YouTube channel Black Man Meets White Cousin too many stories like this. Also another “factual” piece Master Slaves Sexual Abuse . I am not trying to be morbid, I simply want everybody to wake the hell up and acknowledge what has really gone on and in many ways continues to this very day.

We are a nation divided on purpose, lied to on purpose and to what end; money, land, control?  This earth was given freely for all to enjoy, no one people should control every resource that takes up space on it. For those who continue to turn and look the other way, well you are indeed a part of the problem. Remember, what goes around comes around that is Karma, that is the Law of Correspondence and the Principle of Cause and Effect.


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