Realizing the Higher Call

This wave I have been surfing these past two years is redirecting my soul’s focus in dynamic ways I would never had considered.  I hear things differently now, my senses pick up on distant vibrations/frequencies.  My internal revelations are stronger than ever before and I have a comprehension of situations, albeit not changed, I am better able to respond without injury to myself; without guilt, shame or being judgemental.

In separating from traditional religious practices several years ago, my spirit would not allow me remain joined to a congregation that refused historical facts, truths purposefully hidden  and lies of men were at the forefront of those practices.  In seeking a more innate, natural comprehension of whom we refer to as God, I call The ALL “Spirit, Source”.

Somewhere along this wave I met other surfers of TRUTH, awakeners seeking out the 432hz of nature in an attempt to reconnect with Mother Earth and Source.  There is a “shift” in frequency, things are changing and from my perspective this wave of intelligence, this vibration of elevation, being lifted up, this consciousness/awareness is intentional and once acknowledged only gets stronger.

I am literally following this compulsion urging me to write today; I was going to say I am not aware of why but I do overstand why. To my “Autochthonous” brothers and sisters open your hearts and your souls to your true ancestry, overstand what has happen to the world. I have written about our story untold in other articles, but this one is different. There is a sense of urgency to seriously wake up.  We have access to volumes of information today we are without excuse not to rise out of this fugitive status we find ourselves in.

The Spell That Cursed My People – Dr. Yaffa Bey.

I would strongly suggest a re-reading of The Treaty of Discovery (Onondaga Nation Communication Office 315.492.1922 ) The Doctrine of Discovery
and The Papal Bull “Dum Diversis”18 June 1452  Papal Bull Dum Diversas

The time is now my friends, we are past time to continue sitting on our hands and locked into the low frequencies our the oppressors.  Whatever and whomever is oppressing you the time is now to vibrate up and release yourself from the tyranny of global dictatorships, police states and all that goes against Hayah! “Hebrew verb hawah, earlier form of hayah “was,” in the sense of “the one who is, the existing.” Online Etymology Dictionary 

This is my journey; thus far I am excited to realize there is much to unlearn and to reeducate myself too, the writings in Stone left for me and the many others to search out our truth. Join the few who are truly surfing the wave…Ase~





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