The Audacity of “Words/Terms”

“Words” have meaning, languages as we currently know them, are merely bastardized remnants of the original(s) especially  “American English”.  Everything that we have been told about, read about and indoctrinated with has been turned on its head and we the unsuspecting sheeple have been following the Pied Piper aka government to our souls demise.

There are books, videos and numerous accounts of how “word spells” have been cast on the unsuspecting for the benefit of the so-called ruling class.  These spells are how “they” have maintained power over the entire earth up till now.  That’s right! I said up until now; all that has been hidden in coming to light.  The books written by our oppressors are finding their way to our libraries exposing by their own written words the heinous acts of barbarism forced on otherwise peaceful people of the earth.

Yes the truth is coming to light.  My purpose in repeating this narrative is to prayerfully reach those who continue to stumble when “truthful facts” are brought to light.  Most question the things we see and hear and ask that all important question how do we stop the madness?  From my perspective changing the words we use and those words used against us; demanding a change to the identification of our so-called race to start with.

“RACE” is a Eurocentric concept, it is not real. Let’s look at the Etymology of this word “concept” Online Etymology Dictionary . Merriam Webster’s definition:  something conceived in the mind :  thought, notion.  The people of the earth never thought of themselves as a “race” we were simply people(s).

My purpose in stating this is to set the first plank of information to allow clear thought of what is going on in our world.  We are programmed, set up and indoctrinated to think a certain way to interact and behave in what by someone else’s idea is proper conduct and to accept the BS we’ve all been forced fed all our lives.  Enough!  We are told who we are and where we came from by beings who have perverted everything they have touched.  From the cradle to the grave we are not our natural selves because the governments and their controlling bodies are running the madhouse and mandating we participate in the games.

Who are you?  The government says this: Racial Ethnic Codes  Were you aware it is mandated that this form be completed.  MANDATORY!!!

.”Employees must be informed that the collection of this information is mandatory and is subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act of 1974. If an employee does not want to complete the SF-181 when he or she enters on duty, the code which appropriately describes the individual should be determined by visual survey and a copy of the form submitted for him/her” 


How is it possible a government and group of people can change ‘your” ethnic identify at the flick of a pen and change what you are called?

“In 1790, the U.S. Census counted people by lumping them into one of three categories – slaves, free white females and males, or all other free persons”.

“By 1980, the categories had gone through nearly 20 deviations. People could identify as one of 15 possibilities, including now-derogatory words such as “Negro.” These classifications might shed some light on why some federal laws from that time contain outdated verbiage that’s now being addressed”.  BY KAMALA KELKAR  May 22, 2016 at 4:56 PM EDT   Obama Signs Bill Eliminating ‘Negro and Oriental’ from Federal Laws © 1996 – 2016 NewsHour Productions LLC.
All Rights Reserved.

Outdated verbiage? seriously who are they kidding? A good book to read is Nicholas Hudson’s From “Nation to Race”: The Origin of Racial Classification in Eighteenth Century Thought.  In this treatise he trys to explain when, where and how these thoughts of “race” can into play.  Hudson, N. (1996). From “Nation to “Race”: The Origin of Racial Classification in Eighteenth-Century Thought. Eighteenth-Century Studies, 29(3), 247-264. Retrieved from JSTOR

We must demand how we as people are identified. Take a look at some of these references:

Is this what so-called “white” US citizens are afraid of?

The games at play…Demographics…



Let’s stop the crap…Identify  yourself!  Make those around you address you as you are not as they want you to be.  One of the ways to redefine our struggle is to demand our rightful place and insist that we no longer be called African-American, we can not be two continents.






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