America is NOT a synonym for the United States

Oh my goodness!!!  I can’t take it any longer. I have tried to hold my peace, but this continued misuse of the word America applying to all of the United States is driving me crazy.

Before I continue, let me make one thing perfectly clear… this is MY opinion. Agree or disagree I am writing this to relive myself of this frustration and to hopefully make some think…THINK!!!

Have you really taken the time to hear the word America used to describe the United States?  Politicians do it all the time, you hear them say, “the American people”, not the people of the United States, the news media does it all the time instead of saying the United States or the people of the United States its always “the American people”.  What’s up with that?

I placed a map of the American continents on this page.  Look at it carefully what do you see?  North, Central and South American continents, continents!  When America is mentioned I cringe to think what other countries think when the oligarchs use the term “American people” in their rhetoric.  The politricks and the blatant disregard of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that is spoken of by the spokes-persons of the United States can not possibly set well with the other countries of the Americas.

I stated early on this is my personal pet peeve.  Many of us do not pay attention to the words we use or misuse for that matter. It’s not even a consideration of how we actually cast spells with the use and or misuse of words.  I have written about that before, but for now let’s consider America and the United States not being synonymous with one another.

Here is a snippet from a writing I found, check this out. “This country, and its citizens, gets itself into so many problems and conflicts when it assumes this mantle, and this frame of reference. We are merely, yet also wonderfully, the United States of America”. “America” is not a synonym for the United States

Canada is on the American continent, but they don’t refer to themselves as American, they identify themselves as they should by their country of origin, Canadians.  What about those in South America, they identify by their countries; Brazil, Brazilian, Columbia, Columbian for examples so what’s wrong with the States? Is it because saying America it sounds better?

If any real thought was given to this, one could clearly understand why so-called “Americans” catch hell when visiting other countries outside the US.  We as people are hated because of the misuse if identity, especially by the politicians of the United States.

Well so much for my rant, investigate research this for yourselves.  Clearly this misuse of identification should be addressed, but that’s my opinion.

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