Moving Past Social Construct to Healing the Nation.

I have been grappling with writing about this topic for months.  I have garnered a myriad of information on this subject and still can’t understand why “we” as a nation can not accept the facts.  Equally important the “real” history is not taught in the educational system in the states.

“We” citizens of the United States are in blind denial to the facts of how this country was formed.  The rants about “making America Great Again” for example is a slogan shouted by many, however it is a dog-whistle to others.  Those other than the one’s shouting know what that slogan actually means.

Many do not want to acknowledge the systemic racism that is embedded in the fabric of the this country.  The so-called “founding fathers” are spoken of in flowery terms and reverenced as gods.  These so-called “founding fathers” were not only slave owners, but equally important they were running from a corrupt government and enslavement by the British Crown. Running from the very acts they forced upon others.

Religious persecution, taxation without representation just two of the reasons why Europeans, the British specifically came to the “new world”.  However prior to the British invasion there were others who preceded them in invading the “Americas”.

We all know the story about Christopher Columbus; and we also know he did not discover the Americas; there are various theories about who actually “discovered” the Americas, for example:   Coming to America : Who was First?: NPR

However, for the purpose of this writing I want to address the classifications of “race” as we are taught.

For the “original” people of these Americas our lives have been upended because of greed and thievery.  Our identities have been changed to keep us from our rightful heritage and here is how that has been done.

From 1790 to 1950, census takers determined the race of the Americans they counted, sometimes taking into account how individuals were perceived in their community or using rules based on their share of “black blood.” Americans who were of multiracial ancestry were either counted in a single race or classified into categories that mainly consisted of gradations of black and white, such as mulattoes, who were tabulated with the non-white population. Beginning in 1960, Americans could choose their own race. Since 2000, they have had the option to identify with more than one. Race and Multiracial Americans in the U.S. Census|Pew Research Center

I often ask myself who are these people who determine who I am, what my “race” is? At what time did tribes/people decide to classify ourselves by the pigment of their skin?

The U.S. has revised how it categorizes people who are both racially black and white more than any other group, given the nation’s history of slavery and changes in the social and political thinking across time. In the mid-nineteenth century, for example, some race scientists theorized that multiracial children of black and white parents were genetically inferior, and sought statistical evidence in the form of census data to back up their theories. The Changing categories the U.S. has used to measure race|Pew Research Center

Racial categories are tools used to keep this country divided by social-political constructs.  For me that means “money” and “power”.  Those who have the money and who have stolen everything and thereby have the political power.  WHY?

At some point every man and woman should be asking this question; why? To what end does this continued division benefit anyone?  Certainly not for the masses not for the betterment of the country.  Those responsible for the continued division of the people will reap what they have sown.

The people of the United States are waking up and are researching for themselves the hidden truths and the obvious lies spewed out of the mouths of the despots of this government.  We can not heal until we face the fact we all have been lied to.

This nation’s legacy is based on lies and deceit but “we” the people can save ourselves by acknowledging the wrongs of the past and own up to the corruption of the so-called “founding fathers”.  As a scab covers a wound until its healed, we must put the ointment of truth on our hearts and acknowledge the ugly scab.

Other nations have owned up to their perverted past why can’t the U.S. do the same?  The Americas in and of themselves are not the problem its the cancerous mind-set of the politicians of the United States its bankers and all those who are yet profiting from this corrupt system.

Here are some supportive videos that may shed some light.

2017 News African-Americans are NOT African

DNA HOAX African-Americans ain’t

AfricanIdentity Questions Cause Stir

What Are You? “The Debate of Racial categories in the US Census

Let’s stop the “color” game…Let’s just STOP!!!


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