What is The United States

I’ve been wrestling with this question for a very long time, so I began to research why “we” refer to the United States as America when America is clearly a continent and not the country.

I am sure many would say what’s the difference?  My response to that is simply to say America as a catch-all for all things pertaining to the United States is wrong on many levels. We do the continent a disservice when the so-called Christian values of the United States speak for a continent.

Watching the news we repeatedly hear America this and America that when in fact it’s not America it’s the forced colonial Euro-centric views forced on a people who have been grossly uneducated and woefully ignorant not only of the origins of this country but the motives behind our invasion.

I am not asking anyone to agree with me, just consider this point of view.  For the most part many are aware of the lies told to us in our textbooks.  Christopher Columbus comes immediately to mind for example.

Here are some of the results I found regarding my question: English Language and Usuage .

Remember that the U.S. of A. is not the only United States in the world! Just across the Rio Grande is Estados Unidos Mexicanos, the United Mexican States. In a sense, then, the world’s largest economy doesn’t have any name at all that it can call its own, even on its own continent. But people have to be able to call us something, so “Americans” it is. 

I’m From America. Stop Complaining, South America.

Yet somehow some Americans have been turned on this issue. “Why this term ‘America’ has become representative as the name of these United States at home and abroad is past recall,” Frank Lloyd Wright once wrote. He proposed Americans use “Usonia” and “Usonian” instead of “America” and “American.” (In Esperanto, the U.S. is called “Usono.”)

Why Is America Called America

America: Country or Continent

Is the United States a Country

United States Is A Private Corporation

This information isn’t new however it is being shared more readily today and thank goodness for that.

I’ve written about this before and as usual many ignore the facts, not my imagaintion but facts.  With that said I hope the videos will be viewed and researched and remember to take the babies (truth/facts) out before you throw away the bath water… Think!


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