Purposely Deceived?

I feel as if my mind is being bombarded with “media overload” and other means of misinformation.  I am coming to grips with the fact I have been lied to the majority of my life and my education is a sham.

What has happened to us as a nation of so-called “Free Thinkers”? Why can’t we think things through rationally and have legitimate processes to think critically? Why is there so much hate?  If someone has an opinion different than yours, why the disdain for that person or persons?  We, as a society, a people, a nation have allowed “corporate” interests, politricks and “MONEY” to literally buy the souls of our vote and most important our education.

We no longer have teachers, you remember those people who once had the heart to instruct and guide the young lives entrusted to them daily.   We have few who are willing to fight for FACTS in the nation’s textbooks, we have few who are willing to stand out and actually dive into the dean of thieves and go to our local, state and federal governments for the neighborhood anymore and honestly you cannot blame. Those few privileged people, those with the money, those with influence, those who lie and deceive have manipulated the majority into believing they could lead us into a “righteous” nation.  We have been hoodwinked!

As I view this montage of situations, crisis after crisis and deception I have awakened to a truth that “we” the “people have been played.  You might ask how I came to that “truth”?  Let me ask this? Do you ever question the stories that have been told to you?  Have you ever kind of stopped and said that something doesn’t sound right.  I have and I do, you know truth from a lie if you simply listen.

Join me on a journey through my mind and thoughts.  My perception and overall views are not as skewed as one would think and there may be a few who have considered these thoughts.  Yes, I do watch cable news along with the “National” corporate owned media.  I make an effort to research as many sources as my time permits and draw my conclusions from “critical thought”.  Remember that concept was taught in school many decades ago, however,  is no longer?

Here are some of the things I think about and question why we aren’t educated about these things?

Have you ever asked yourself who came up with the “Birth Certificate” Why is the “birth certificate” a mandated “government document?  Births have always been documented by the  families, midwives and or clergy, however not “government” mandated

Here’s some information on birth  “In England, births were initially registered with churches, who maintained registers of births. This practice continued into the 19th century.[1] The compulsory registration of births with the United Kingdom government is a practice that originated at least as far back as 1853.[2]The entire United States did not get a standardized system until 1902″.[3]certificates; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Kingdom

Facilities are available to produce a birth certificate from a passport. By law since 1969, registration of births is compulsory as per provisions of Registration of Births& Deaths Act. Birth certificates are issued by the Government of India or the municipality concerned.


Okay, you might say what’s wrong with this?  I say it’s a tracking system to know exactly who, what, when and by whom? Why is the government so enamored with these births? A child is given a name by his or her parent(s) and a social construct designed by biased and racist men who claim to identify the  “race” of this child.   My question again is why?   Who invented “race”?

Please go to this article on PBS’ site it is well worth your time.

by Audrey Smedley
Anthropology Newsletter, November 1997

Contemporary scholars agree that “race” was a recent invention and that it was essentially a folk idea, not a product of scientific research and discovery. This is not new to anthropologists. Since the 1940s when Ashley Montagu argued against the use of the term “race” in science, a growing number of scholars in many disciplines have declared that the real meaning of race in American society has to do with social realities, quite distinct from physical variations in the human species. I argue that race was institutionalized beginning in the 18th century as a worldview, a set of culturally created attitudes and beliefs about human group differences.

The Power of Illusion

To be honest I personally do not agree with the “out of Africa” story for the greater majority of so-called “Blacks” in the Americas. I believe the majority of us were already here.  See: Dum Diversas – Church Sanctioned Slaughter

We find ourselves living lies forced on us by others who had no identity left their homeland and went on to conquer and subvert others to live as the conquerors want to live.

Think about that for a minute.  A people leave their indigenous land because of the dissatisfaction with the religious establishment making laws and forcing things upon them, which they did not want; go to another land inhabited by its native people and pretty much ruin their lives with racism, hatred, thievery and every sort of perversion known to man.

Now here we are in the 21st Century screaming at each other “go home” go back to where you came from.  Who says that?  Why? Those that scream the loudest are the ones willed with the most hate and fear.

Here is another thought to hopefully make you think and act.  Certain books have always been banned from societies.  The certain secs of religion have banned a certain book. The Catholic church is a prime example of censorship and the banning of certain books, even within their bible(s).

Quora is a fantastic website to investigate banned books and why.

All English translations of the Bible printed in the sixteenth century included a section or appendix for Apocryphal books. Matthew’s Bible, published in 1537, contains all the Apocrypha of the later King James Version 1611, in an inter-testamental section.

The 1538 Myles Coverdale Bible contained an Apocrypha that excluded Baruch and the Prayer of Manasseh. The 1560 Geneva Bible placed the Prayer of Manasseh after 2 Chronicles; the rest of the Apocrypha were placed in an inter-testamental section.

What books were removed from the Bible and why

Here again, others imposing their version of what is right or wrong on the masses.  We have indoctrinated and we continue the madness by subjecting our children to mass education.

Okay, perhaps something more recent will help.  These two women were suggested to be banned or removed from the “history” books because?

“So the Texas Board of Education wants to remove the likes of Hillary Clinton, Helen Keller and others from history books? To paraphrase a famous saying: “One giant step backward and one giant leap toward fascism!” What’s next? Book burning? Dangerous times indeed!” HERB STARK, MOORESVILLE

Ban Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller? What’s next?

So there you are the things that rattle my brain.  Perhaps these things are important to others too.  I pray to be able to effect a change in thought and action for myself first, family, friends and all those that have an ear to hear.

We must begin to think again, we simply must.


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