Under A Spell – The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same

I know I am not alone in thinking how drastically we as a people, a nation of principals, integrity and so-called righteous, have fallen so far from being what we profess to be.

I find myself thinking when did I ever imagine living like this?  Didn’t I, at one time, think I would own my home and a little land, didn’t I think I would one day retire with a pension and some savings to travel the world? What happened to those dreams?  How did they escape me?  Did I make the wrong choices?

These are some of the thoughts I find myself having now more than ever before.  I attempt to reason with myself and analyze the current of the times we find ourselves living in.  Researching and searching for answers where there are none.  However, I had a revelation, at least for me, which allowed me to let go of the negative energy and tune up and into my higher frequency and see for the first time what’s really going on.  We are under a spell…

So what was this revelation?  It’s so simple I was shocked because there was no other answer than this… “We are under a Spell”!  Has to be, what other mystics, magic or witchcraft could have the entire United States as jacked up as it currently is?  I’m just asking the question?

Have we all gone brain dead or what? The madness going in the nation’s capital is so out of control.  What we are participating in like it or not, is someone’s idea of a very bad joke.  This is what we watch on television and we shake our heads at, only this time each an everyone person in this country is in this mess TOGETHER!

At some point, I want to believe individuals of integrity will step up and stretch back a hand to lift the next one up and out.  We as a nation of many diverse people must stop dividing ourselves.

If this country is a country of “immigrants” then why the continued division?  “A house divided against itself can not stand”.  Gospel of Matthew 12:25, Gospel of Mark 3:25,

“The chickens have come home to roost”.  This is a divided nation because truthfully it was founded by division.  The indigenous people of the Americas were invaded by a people running supposedly from the tyranny of their King. Think about it! People running away from their homeland to occupy another landmass, so that can worship as they want, teach what they want, pretty much do what they want, however, to obtain that these same people running away from their country’s madman on the throne commit genocide and murder the original people of the land and think nothing of it.

Now, I realize this may be challenging for some to digest nevertheless this is what happened. Since becoming an independent nation in 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was signed that makes the US 243 yrs and the US has been at war somewhere in this world 222 of those 243 years.  Dividing, separating, causing harm…

As a nation, a country and as the people of this nation we too carry the burden of the idiots elected to represent us and we suffer because of them and the piss poor errors in judgement they have forced on the masses.  We are under a spell!

What else could it possibly be?  You tell me…

If we are honorable people if we are loving and giving people if we are what we say we are then why the continued misuse of force on some and not others?  If we truly care about our fellow humans they why the hate?  WHY?

We all walk upright, we all have two hands, feet, eyes, ears, we all speak a language we all feel pain, bleed the same red blood…  Why the hate?  Why do we continue to allow those who cause the harm and confusion sitting high and looking low to misrepresent us?  We are under a spell…

A spell of complacency, a spell of ignorance (without knowledge) and spell of no compassion, no love, no heart.  We will no longer continue to exist if we stay on this course.

The future:

  • Clean air, water???  Not if we keep going as we currently are
  • Optimal health???  Not if we continue to allow corporations, insurance companies to rip us off, and let us not forget to mention the kickbacks given to those that allow these things to continue.
  • Chance our children, grandchildren will do better than us?  Fat chance the last of the baby-boomers haven’t faired as well as their Depression-era parents. Pensions stolen, ripped off by banks making bad deals with our mortgages.

We must do better, we can do better.  Set those false differences aside because in the bigger picture of life we all have greater things to concern ourselves about.  Time to search for the truth, ditch the lies taught to us and rise above the base frequency and vibe up.


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