The United States of Hypocrisy

Did you ever think you would be witness to the shenanigans of this country’s leadership as it is today?  Oh my goodness! What has happened to the “good old USA”?

It is apparent to me the sins of this nation are finally coming home to roost. Allow me to explain myself.

As I view history this nation was built on a lie.  Immigrants seeking refuge from a tyrant King sought out this land to begin a new life and live what they imagined a free life; however, how all of this came about is the real story.

A people seeking a fairer way of life proceeded to kill off the original inhabitants. Murdering, raping, pillaging the people of the land. Overtaking the indigenous people’s property, eventually forcing them into slavery, mandating their indoctrination into the was of the self-exiled English speaking people, and other European influence.

Now here we are only 200+ years later reeling under the pressure of a tyrannical government, much like those who came here so long ago.  The only differences are cosmetic for lack of a better description.

The advent of “social media”, the internet and sold out corporate lackeys have taken over otherwise intelligent minds and people with a moral compass.  I can hear in my spirit that great lie… “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Yeah, that’s from the pledge of allegiance which no one in our government seems to honor anymore.

Those sitting in the seats of power, we the people voted into their cushion offices, have decided they run the show, the “American” people don’t rule or run anything they are nothing except food for them to drain and live off of.  I liken those that sit in the seats of power as vampires; they suck the people dry of all life and discard us at will.  These individuals who sit in the seats of power are the descendants of those immigrants who sought refuge from their wicked king.

Now, look at us right back where it all started.  The greatest difference this time is it would appear the general population is under some demonic spell with no redeeming faculties.  This is how it appears, my hope is somewhere there are a few with fire in their bellies, integrity in their bones and enough love in their hearts to fight back.

How can this nation speak to the wrongdoings of other nations when our own is corrupt and wicked.  Is that attitude not that of the pot calling the kettle black? Hypocrites! This nation is a laughing stock to the world and until we the so-called people step up and take our country back from the oligarchs and other high-minded uppity folks we are doomed to continue to decline.

Think!  Are we not parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers to someone?  Do we not care about our future and the future of our families.  Why can’t we have representation by honorable people?  Remember those holding office now are representing YOU!

We can not afford to be led by the nose to accept whatever someone else wants to put out.  We must demand, that’s if we truly care, representatives of character, honesty, moral character and integrity.

Donald J. Trump does not represent me… there is nothing about the man that represents this country as jacked up as it is, none can convince me he is this nation’s representative.

Vote hypocrisy out! Vote integrity in…

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