We Were Warned…

History is supposed to be a teacher, however, for some unknown reason, we don’t heed the lessons of history. It would seem we are destined to repeat the poor judgments of the past. In other words, lessons not learned.

We have been warned of the calamities we now face years ago and we did not listen. Tales of wars and rumors of wars, pestilences, and droughts…all told ages ago and written in the pages of books such as the Bible we claim to revere. Other predictive writings like the quatrains of Nostradamus, the French seer/prophet along with many other writings held in secret places like the libraries of the Vatican.

We have been warned and yet here we are today a world held hostage by the money-grubbing zealots of the world playing with the lives of the average man. Why are we as the people of the world allowing the financiers, pharmaceutical giants and their hoard of money-hungry bandits to create these diseases and spread them amongst us all?

Here’s a video from “TED” featuring Bill Gates: https://youtu.be/6Af6b_wyiwI

Here’s another video from “TED” addressing the upcoming financial crisis. https://youtu.be/nDFoF3izhGQ

Okay so this reads like a conspiracy theorist diary, nevertheless, these things ring true. So what do we do?

As a global community, it is my prayer that the people of this world take heed of the warnings and choose to rise above the rhetoric sown by social media, corporations and in our case here in the US, make it known we are not going to controlled and manipulated by oligarchs, ie. the white house and all that lies within.

Its the love of money that is the root of all evil…

And the “money” lovers are killing the rest of us for their personal benefit. How long will we allow this craziness to continue? Are we truly comfortable with the path of our country our world is going to? Have we honestly lost all sense of humanity?

We must rise up against hatred, tyranny and the raping of our souls. This evil we are living with is because no one speaks up until the evil is in their own house. Well, wakey, wakey the evil is in all our homes; will you rise against it?

As I write these thoughts I challenge myself to be more proactive within my circle to stop misinformation and search out the truth, facts… I pray others will take seriously the times we are living in and stand to stop the scourge dis-ease that running rampant through our lands.

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