Essential Workers…

If there is a light in this dark tunnel of Covid-19 it is the uncovering of who the true essential workers are.

Its ironic when you really give our current situation serious thought how many others don’t truly recognize who “essential” workers are. Truth be told everyone is an “essential” worker; however for this conversation we acknowledge those who have been identified as such.

So, who would you say are “essential” workers are? It seems that those identified as such are those who have always been on the “front lines.” Aside from all medical professionals, there is law enforcement and our fire professionals. These are the individuals who are the foundation of our civil society.

However there is another group of individuals who should be considered foundational “essential” as well.

Our farmers and those that manage the national food supply, our environmental specialists aka garbage collectors, janitorial or custodial support; even our grocery store workers are “essential” workers to name a few.

These “essential” people have been marginalized over the decades, paid wages that couldn’t support a flea. The revelation of who these people are to our society has come about because of Covid-19. This virus has opened Pandora’s box and revealed the corrupt, bigoted and racist underbelly of this country like nothing ever before.

We live in critical times and they are hard to deal with. Hard to deal with because as a country we the people continue to live the lies we’ve been indoctrinated in since birth.

It is my personal belief until we, as a nation, own the truth of its origins and make right the injustices of this country we can not heal. We are constantly reminded daily by social media, national news outlets and our neighbors of our inconsiderate ways.

Prayerfully we can acknowledge we are all “essential”… we are part of a greater picture and each and every breathing soul has purpose, a gift that is unique to themselves, however collectively woven into the fabric of humanity that supports us all.

Let us join together and shout it to the mountain tops we are all “essential.”

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