A Matter of Deception…Why?

It doesn’t matter how many ways you try to decipher the information coming at us one thing is clear, at least to me, there are so many lies and contradictions presented to us we are left with nothing of value to weight in on.

As tragic as this may sound the United States is a country built on lies. In addition to that, the so-called institutions we are indoctrinated to believe in are founded in lies. It’s no wonder we can’t critically think for ourselves and decipher nonsense when we hear it.

In addition to being bombarded with these low frequency actions bringing dis-ease (Covid) now again murder of yet another “Black” man. My question is why is this happening? When will we learn we are being manipulated and distracted from the other issues of life; another question is really being to what end?

There are more distractions than there are questions and again, for the sack of being redundant I ask this WHY?

The social norms that were preverted from its inception have broken completely down. One of many reasons for this is those who have suffered from gross mistreatment just from the standpoint of human decency have deceided enough is enough…

Those who have the financial and societal prowess are pressuring the rest of us to stay beneath their feet. Individuals born of “old” money and unfortunately some who have created their own wealth have decided they rule because they can. It would seem they alone are capable of deciding what is best for the world as they see it.

What does that attitude or mind set remind you of? Kings, queens and dictatorships… Oligarchy! This is what the United States and the greater majority of the inhabited world are living with.

This mind set is killing everyone and unfortunately the root of humanity’s issue has not been addressed. No one individual or group of people can or should lord over the many. Nevertheless, these attitudes continue to this day, we have been indoctrinated to believe only those who have influence, money have the intelligence to rule.

History is overflowing with stories of the ruling class causing havoc across the globe. Empires have risen and fallen, nevertheless at some point the people get fed up and rise up against physical and mental tyranny.

Nothing will change until individuals stand up for their human rights. The right to live peacefully, the right to work earn living and support their households. The right to live!

Let us stop trying to justify the injustices of the world; and let our governments stop lying and deflecting. It is past time to face the truth and acknowledge the sin of mankind against each other.

No flesh is above another. No man is above another.

My thoughts are based on personal experiences and no one can speak to what has personally affected my life. Right is right period, let us do right for a change and respect each others right to live.

We are all flesh and blood. We all want the best for our children and grand children. Let’s fight for life not death. Let it begin with you!

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