Where Has Common Sense Gone?!

Happy Holidays to all! I have been attempting to write this for months there is too much to say. With that being said here is a question for you. Have you ever thought that the greater majority of people have stopped using common sense?

I personally find it absolutely outrageous the actions of so many against their neighbor. What happened to human kindness, treating your neighbor as you would yourself?

Not to mention the one on one actions and reactions people have towards one another. In addition to that I, am baffled by the insensitive and corrosive attitudes of so-called “evangelicals” you know the “Christians” in this country. Those individuals who claim to be “Christ-like” in word and deed. If anything I would say those displaying the attitudes seen these past four years in particular are far from Christ like; they display more the actions of the Devil, that lowest of low vibrations.

The current Vice-President upholds the lies and transgressions of “45”; does the man have a conscience? I simply do not understand how he could go along with the thievery and blatant lies coming out of the White House and call himself a man of faith. Hypocrisy at its highest is running amuck in D.C.

Needless to say personally I am excited to see the newly elected administration come and prayerfully salvage the remnants of the democracy. So many of the “so-called” norms and protocols will be reestablished and those images will be comforting to our bruised and yet fragile souls.

Not only were these words comforting, the images were strong and reassuring a stark contrast to the ranting lunatic currently dismantling the White House.

If we were honest with ourselves we would acknowledge many are uneducated regarding how our government works. Many do not know the three separate branches of government. Many do not comprehend how the Executive, Legislative and Judicial work separately yet in conjunction with one another.

Civics is no longer taught in schools today. At least not as a mandatory class as it was decades ago. I think maybe it would behoove those of us who are elders now should educate our younger population on how this mechanism is suppose to work. And, No! we do not have a perfect government, we are not a perfect society far from it, nevertheless our young people are the future and should have the whole truth about this country and learn from the mistakes of the past so that they can move past that and move towards a brighter future.

I hear the chants of protesters shouting USA, USA… exactly what does that mean? What type of USA are they ranting for? USA the way its been or USA the future with integrity being one of its core principles?

As a “nation” we will not heal until we as a “nation” acknowledge the wrongs of its past. Tell the truth, acknowledge the past and own it! Then we as a “nation” can heal and make the courageous steps it will take to move forward. At least that is my hope. I emphasized “nation” because this must be inclusive, every person has to participate or not… Bottom line it is up to us “the people” to make our country the United States actually great. I didn’t say great again because honestly that “great again” has revealed a false narrative a great non-truth.

We have a painful past and no one wants to face the ugly of this country simply because its so grossly ugly; nevertheless its ugly must be faced. We must face the “man in the mirror” as a collective and only then can we move on.

Yes, we can make a change. Its my prayer we gather the strength and courage to make the changes necessary to be bold in our resolve to make the changes and heal as a nation.

Blessed Holidays, Merry Christmas. Be safe, be merciful and “mask up”!

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